Overview Edit

The National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) shares information and analysis on the growth, migration, and association of gangs that threaten communities throughout the United States. The NGIC manages the exchange of gang information among LEO (FBI Law Enforcement Online), the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), the Violent Gang and Terrorist Organizations File (VGTOF), GangNet, and other major systems. NGIC supports law enforcement requests for information on suspected or known gangs and gang members and consolidates gang-related investigative data and raw intelligence into an up-to-date library of gang identification symbols, clothing, signs, tattoos, codes, writings, graffiti, and philosophies. Over 170,000 NGIC files are available to state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners.

Source Edit

Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Information Sharing Report 2010 (full-text).

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