Citation Edit

Australian National E-Health Strategy (2009):

Overview Edit

In early 2008, Australian Health Ministers, through the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council (AHMAC), commissioned Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to develop a strategic framework and plan to guide national coordination and collaboration in E-Health. As part of this process, Deloitte conducted a series of national consultations.

The national E-Health strategy developed by Deloitte, together with key stakeholders, provides an appropriate basis to guide the further development of E-Health in Australia. It adopts an incremental and staged approach to developing E-Health capabilities to:

  • leverage what currently exists in the Australian E-Health landscape;
  • manage the underlying variation in capacity across the health sector and States and Territories; and
  • allow scope for change as lessons are learned and technology is developed further.

The strategy reinforces the existing collaboration of Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments on the core foundations of a national E-Health system, and identifies priority areas where this can be progressively extended to support health reform in Australia. The strategy also provides sufficient flexibility for individual jurisdictions, and the public and private health sectors, to determine how they go about E-Health implementation within a common framework and set of priorities to maximise benefits and efficiencies.

The ultimate benefit achieved from a national E-Health strategy is a safer and more sustainable health system that is equipped to respond to emerging health sector cost and demand pressures. Improvements in the Australian health care system will also drive stronger workforce productivity that is integral to Australia's long run economic prosperity.

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