Citation Edit

Government Accountability Office, National Cybersecurity Strategy: Key Improvements are Needed to Strengthen the Nation's Posture (GAO-09-432T) (Mar. 10, 2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

In March 2009, the GAO testified on the needed improvements to the nation’s cybersecurity strategy. In preparation for that testimony, the GAO convened a panel of experts that included former federal officials, academics, and private-sector executives. The panel highlighted 12 key improvements that, in its view, were essential to improving the strategy and our national cybersecurity postures, including (1) the development of a national strategy that clearly articulates objectives, goals, and priorities; (2) focusing more actions on prioritizing assets and functions, assessing vulnerabilities, and reducing vulnerabilities than on developing plans; and (3) bolstering public-private partnerships though an improved value proposition and use of incentives.

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