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Overview Edit

The National Cyber Security Partnership (NCSP) is led by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), TechNet and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in voluntary partnership with academicians, CEOs, federal government agencies and industry experts.

Following the release of the 2003 White House National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace and the National Cyber Security Summit, this public-private partnership was established to develop shared strategies and programs to better secure and enhance America’s critical information infrastructure.

The partnership established five task forces comprised of cyber security experts from industry, academia and government. Each task force is led by two or more co-chairs. The NCSP-sponsoring trade associations act as secretariats in managing task force work flow and logistics. The task forces include:

  • Awareness for Home Users and Small Businesses
  • Cyber Security Early Warning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Security Across the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Technical Standards and Common Criteria

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