Overview Edit

In June 2003, the Department of Homeland Security created the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD), its computer security division. Its mission is to work collaboratively with public, private, and international entities to secure cyberspace and America's cyber assets. NCSD has assumed a major role in raising awareness of the risks associated with computer security among all users, from the home user to major corporations, and to facilitate information exchange between all parties. NCSD coordinates efforts to protect the overall cyber infrastructure through analysis, warning, information sharing, vulnerability reduction, mitigation, and aiding national recovery efforts for critical information systems.

To this end numerous cooperative and coordinating groups and fora have been established. One such activity is US-CERT[1], the NCSD's 24/7 Internet watch and warning center, which sends out regular Cyber Alerts and Tips. US-CERT is a cooperative effort by the National Cyber Security Division and Carnegie Mellon’s CERT.

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