Germany Edit

The German National Cyber Security Council was established in 2011 to strengthen cooperation within the government and with the private sector and provide recommendations at high political levels on strategic issues. The Council is under the responsibility of the Federal Government Commissioner for Information Technology (BfIT) and comprises representatives from the Federal Chancellery and State Secretaries from the Foreign Office, Ministries of the Interior, Defence, Economics and Technology, Justice, Finance, Education and Research, and representatives from the federal Länder (regions).

The Netherlands Edit

The Dutch National Cyber Security Council was established by the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice as part of the Dutch National Cyber Security Center and "will make a priority of IT threats, will look into the necessity for further research and development and will investigate how this knowledge is best shared between collaborating public and private parties." It has representatives from public and private sectors as well as the academia to help improve the understanding of cyber security developments and help parties deal with incidents and make decisions in crisis. The Council is co-chaired by public and private representatives.

Sources Edit

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