The Netherlands Edit

The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) contributes to increasing the resilience of the Dutch digital society. It is a cooperative platform of business, government and science as core: expertise and advice, response to threats and incidents and strengthen crisis management. It is responsible for creating a single comprehensive picture of the current ICT threat. It also includes the "ICT Response Board," a public-private partnership that gives advice on how to counteract major ICT disruptions to decision-making organizations.

The center supports the government and critical sectors and organizations working on awareness and prevention for citizens, businesses and government organizations.

United States Edit

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) coordinates and integrates information necessary to help secure U.S. cyber networks and systems and help foster collaboration among Federal cyber groups. In particular, the NCSC will advance the coordination and consultation among the various Federal cyber entities responsible for various paræ of the cyber security missions.

Additionally, the NCSC serves a principal role as a síngle location for all-source situational awareness about cyber activity and security status of the U.S. networks and systems. The NCSC interfaces with those cyber security focal points to provide a single location — both physical and virtual — for increased collaboration and all-source situational awareness. The Center also analyzes the mission areas, authorities, and core capabilities of Federal cyber groups.

The NCSC was loosely modeled after the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), in particular to function as a focal point without direct ability to execute authorities and missions that are already assigned elsewhere. There was widespread support among the cyber security focal points in departments and agencies for the creation of such an entity.

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