Overview Edit

Between August 17 and 19 of 2009, the NITRD Program, with guidance from OSTP and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Defense Networks and Information Integration, held a National Cyber Leap Year Summit in Arlington, Virginia. The Summit gathered commercial and academic innovators for an unconventional exploration of five game-changing strategies in cybersecurity:

  • Basing trust decisions on verified assertions (Digital Provenance)
  • Attacks only work once if at all (Moving-target Defense)
  • Knowing when we have been had (Hardware-enabled Trust)
  • Move from forensics to real-time diagnosis (Nature-inspired Cyber Health)
  • Crime does not pay (Cyber Economics)

Participants discussed how to initiate and sustain fundamental cybersecurity changes within those five strategies. The Summit’s outcomes are provided as input to the Administration’s cybersecurity R&D agenda and as strategies for public-private actions to secure the nation’s digital future.

The reports from the summit are available here.

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