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During 2009, the NITRD Program led a series of activities comprising the National Cyber Leap Year (NCLY), a Federally initiated public-private effort to shape research and development strategies that focus on game-changing technologies for securing the U.S.'s cyber infrastructure and digital information. The NCLY was directed by the NITRD Senior Steering Group (SSG) for Cyber Security R&D, with guidance from the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). The objective of the NCLY was to identify game-changing ideas with the potential to reshape the cyber security landscape.

The NCLY efforts culminated in the National Cyber Leap Year Summit, supported by the NITRD Program and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. This event, held in August 2009, brought together 150 security experts from industry, academia, and government who identified a range of ideas for advancing leap-ahead R&D activities.

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