Overview Edit

The Australian National Critical Infrastructure Resilience Committee (NCIRC) will co-ordinate national critical infrastructure resilience activity, which includes protection activities. A key function of the NCIRC will be to provide a level of visibility and co-ordination to the critical infrastructure activities of each government.

Scope Edit

The scope of the NCIRC would be to cover issues that require national co-ordination, such as:

(a) those related to critical infrastructure assets, supply chains or networks which, if disrupted, would result in significant social or economic impacts nationally or across jurisdictions, and
(b) issues of common interest which would benefit from national collaboration.

The NCIRC's mandate will be the resilience of critical infrastructure against a range of threats and hazards, including terrorism, natural disasters, pandemics, industrial incidents and supply chain interruptions. The scope of this body of work is very broad, and many extant bodies have primary responsibility for specific types of critical infrastructure incidents or issues. Accordingly, the NCIRC would not assume responsibility for all critical infrastructure issues, but rather should foster strong working relationships with such bodies.

NCIRC functions Edit

The NCIRC should fulfil the following functions:

Source Edit

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