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Overview Edit

The National Center for Geospatial Intelligence Standards (NCGIS) was established as an entity within National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in 2002 in order to create a cohesive GEOINT Standards Program to carry out NGA’s functional management responsibilities for GEOINT. The mission of the NCGIS is to effectively manage GEOINT standards activities across the NSG community and within NGA itself by promoting the development, implementation and management of GEOINT and other related standards that enable optimum system and data interoperability. Where possible, the NCGIS fosters the development and use of community developed consensus-based standards to achieve these interoperability goals.

NCGIS responsibilities Edit

Key responsibilities of the NCGIS include:

The program direction for all NCGIS standards activities aligns with higher level standards and enterprise systems policies and strategic objectives that are defined and mandated across the DoD, IC, and U.S. government.

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