Definition Edit


may also occur naturally, such as components of volcanic ash or ocean spray, or be created incidentally, including as byproducts of welding.[1]

Overview Edit

"Nanomaterials come in a variety of forms based both on their chemical composition and physical structure. For example, carbon-based nanomaterials can be produced in a number of physical structures such as sheets (graphene), tubes (carbon nanotubes), and particles (carbon black). Nanomaterials can enter the marketplace as materials themselves, as intermediates that either have nanoscale features or incorporate nanomaterials, and as final nano-enabled products."[2]

"Semiconductor-based nanomaterials consisted of quantum dots, silicon-based nanomaterials, and other semiconductor-based nanomaterials. Quantum dots are closely packed semiconductor crystals composed of hundreds or thousands of atoms."[3]

References Edit

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