Citation Edit

National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, Satellite Task Force, NSTAC Report to the President on Commercial Satellite Communications Mission Assurance (Nov. 2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit


In response to a request from the National Security Space Office (NSSO), the President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) reestablished a Satellite Task Force in November 2008 to review the March 2004 NSTAC Satellite Task Force Report (2004 Report), including its Vulnerabilities Triage. The NSSO asked the NSTAC to identify both physical and cyber security threats facing the commercial satellite industry, mitigation measures employed to combat such threats, and initiatives to develop a standard security framework among satellite operators to enhance national security.

The NSTAC developed conclusions in the following nine areas: (1) radio frequency interference (RFI); (2) cybersecurity; (3) avoiding collisions in space; (4) measures and investments for terrestrial infrastructure; (5) command encryption on commercial satellites; (6) Mission Assurance Working Group; (7) long-term requirement planning challenges; (8) commercial satellite industry innovation; and (9) space weapons.

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