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President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, NS/EP Implications of Electronic Commerce (June 1999) (full-text).

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This analysis focuses primarily on NS/EP issues related to recent activities within the Federal Government to incorporate electronic commerce into business operations. In particular, the NSTAC focused on how the transition to electronic commerce could affect the departments and agencies that conduct NS/EP functions. Currently, electronic commerce use among such organizations has been limited to the support of non-mission critical activities. However, as NS/EP organizations increase their reliance on electronic commerce for contracting, ordering and distributing essential supplies in support of the public welfare, national security posture, or any other NS/EP function, the security of these transactions will become more critical to NS/EP operations. As the NS/EP community transitions to electronic commerce for business operations, the departments and agencies should be alert to a number of issues that could affect how electronic commerce is implemented.