Citation Edit

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Establishing a Computer Security Incident Response Capability (CSIRC) (NIST Special Publication 800-3) (Nov. 1991) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Government agencies and other organizations have begun to augment their computer security efforts because of increased threats to computer security. Incidents involving these threats, including computer viruses, malicious user activity, and vulnerabilities associated with high technology, require a skilled and rapid response before they can cause significant damage.

These increased computer security efforts, described in this publication as "Computer Security Incident Response Capabilities" (CSIRCs), have as a primary focus the goal of reacting quickly and efficiently to computer security incidents. CSIRC efforts provide agencies with a centralized and cost-effective approach to handling computer security incidents so that future problems can be efficiently resolved and prevented.

This Special Publication was superseded by NIST Special Publication 800-61.

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