Overview Edit

NBIC has established the NBIS Interagency Working Group (NIWG), a senior, director-level working body created to share information on NBIC activities, such as the status of developing draft documents and standard operating procedures including procedures undertaken during ongoing biological events of national concern.

The NIWG meets monthly to provide an open forum among NBIS members to discuss interagency collaboration, develop detailed operational procedures and offer recommendations to enhance the capability of NBIS. The NIWG representatives possess a detailed knowledge of their respective organization's biosurveillance-relevant capabilities, programs and activities that can contribute to the integrated effort.

This collaboration has produced the first version of the NBIS Concept of Operations which lays out the details of how the mission of NBIS is being implemented and executed. This document is significant in that it describes the steps NBIS will take to accomplish the unprecedented task of biosurveillance cross-domain integration and analysis.

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