Overview Edit

The NATO Integrated Data Service (NIDS)

facilitates computer access to NATO documentation of all kinds, including communiques and official statements, press releases, speeches, printed reference books and other texts. Topics covered include political, military, economic and scientific issues as well as up to date information on peacekeeping and other activities. The "NATO Review", a periodical magazine containing information and analysis of all the issues on NATO's agenda, is also published through the NIDS.

In addition to making available information on the key issues in the field of European security and transatlantic cooperation in this sphere, the NIDS also provides information through the World Wide Web (WWW), about the Alliance and external NATO agencies and organisations within NATO's integrated military command structure.

The NIDS is gradually expanding its network of contacts with Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Defence, parliaments and academic institutions in NATO and EAPC countries, in order to facilitate communications and information exchange and to contribute to a positive debate and to informed discussion about security issues.[1]

References Edit

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