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Cloud computing Edit

Multi-tenancy is

the process of hosting multiple data sets and applications from various sources in a common cloud environment. Service owners hosting materials may have no knowledge of other tenants that have been granted user access to the shared cloud environment. Classic perimeter-based security controls may be neutralized or circumvented for multi-tenant clouds. This risk is far more pronounced in a public cloud, but may exist in any type of cloud.[1]
a characteristic of cloud in which resources are shared amongst multiple cloud tenants. There is an expectation on the part of the cloud tenant that its use of the cloud is isolated from other tenants' use of any shared resources; that tenants in the cloud are restricted from accessing or affecting another tenant's assets; that the cloud tenant has the perception of exclusive use of, and access to, any provisioned resource.[2]

General Edit

Multi-tenancy refers to the property of multiple systems, applications or data from different enterprises hosted on the same physical hardware.

References Edit

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