Definitions Edit

Moderation is

[a] way of maintaining rules or standards on a website, particularly in chatrooms and forums, by a person (moderator) who supervises the publication of the information submitted.[1]
[t]he monitoring and filtering of user-generated content by human or technical means.[2]

Overview Edit

"There are two main options with regard to moderation: pre-moderation and post-moderation. With the pre-moderation all comments are sent to a moderator who decides whether to accept them based on the conditions of use, with post-moderation all comments go straight to the e-consultation and the moderator typically monitors every 24 hours and removes any comments that breach the conditions of use."[3]}}

References Edit

  1. EU Directorate General of Democracy and Political Affairs, Glossary of Technical Terms in the Field of Electronic Democracy 7 (Jan. 20, 2009) (full-text).
  2. Good Practice Guidance for the Providers of Social Networking Guidance and Other User Interactive Services, at 52.
  3. Promise and Problems of E-Democracy: Challenges of Online Citizen Engagement, at 130-31.

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