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Definition Edit

In 1987 Mobility 2000 was created to promote the creation of national programs in the field of IVHS. This organization temporarily assumed the role of advising policy makers and the U.S. Congress on IVHS matters. Mobility 2000 was a main factor in the completion of a set of planning documents to guide national support for the development of an IVHS program.

In 1990 Mobility 2000 sponsored the National Workshop in IVHS in which representatives of federal and state government agencies, industry and the academic community participated. There, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), through its Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), mobilized federal support for a nationally coordinated program. Representatives of the major automobiles, communications, information systems, transportation equipment, and consulting companies in the United States also attended the workshop.

Mobility 2000 promoted the formation of the Intelligent Vehicle Highway Society of America (IVHS America).

Source Edit

  • Alberto Martin, Hector Marini & Sabri Tosunoglu, "Intelligent Vehicle/Highway System: A Survey (Part 1)" (full-text).

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