Definition Edit

Mobile application management (MAM)

provides a subset of the functionality provided by mobile device management. MAM provides in-depth distribution, configuration, data control, and life-cycle management for specific applications installed on a mobile device.[1]

Overview Edit

"Like MDM, critical features of the MAM include the set of devices, platforms, and applications supported as well as the security of the mechanisms used for device authentication and command and control. MAM may also include diagnostic features, such as remote log-ins, reporting, and troubleshooting. Some MAM implementations are intended to support a small, specialized set of software, such as virtualized application containers (i.e., "sandboxes"), rather than being applicable to all applications on a device. Specialized MAM implementations may not integrate with more general MDM implementations, and thus are considered a separate component of a mobile solution."[2]

References Edit

  1. Mobile Security Reference Architecture (document), at 9.
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