Overview Edit

The Information Security and Identity Management Committee (ISIMC), by direction of the Federal CIO Council, chartered a Mobile Technology Tiger Team (MTTT) to address Milestone Action 10.2 of the Digital Government Strategy: "Evaluate opportunities to accelerate the secure adoption of mobile technologies into the Federal environment at reduced cost."

To address 10.2, the MTTT created a methodology for gathering information from different agencies to identify the following key considerations for the use of mobile technologies in the Federal Government:

In accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-124, rev. 1, the MTTT developed a framework for security analysis of mobile technologies based on essential components critical to centrally managing and securing mobile devices.

The MTTT identified the profiles of typically supported end-users (employees, executives, partners, and the public), stakeholder services (applications, identity and authentication, connectivity, management, and device protection), and other considerations (cost, technical, work location, sensitivity of work, confidence in ability to support policy, and compliance with other policies) that are critical to accelerating the secure adoption of mobile devices at reduced cost. These factors helped frame the mobile security analysis necessary to complete Milestone Action 10.2.

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