Overview Edit

The Mobile Internet Content Coalition (MICC) is a nonprofit organization founded in September 2010. The Coalition was founded in response to emerging threats to the future of the mobile Internet. Today mobile content is revolutionizing the economy, daily interactions, and life as we know it. From the billions of text messages sent daily — texting the most pervasive form of communication in the U.S. and world — to new apps developed daily to meet a plethora of needs, mobile Internet is on pace to replace the wired Internet as the primary form of access for most consumers.

Despite the desire for mobile content, distribution methods are often subject to the whims of access providers. The current FCC guidelines for mobile Internet have left gaps open to interpretation. On top of the challenges of creating and expanding business, mobile content providers must navigate a complex system with a perplexing set of (often unwritten) rules and an imbalance of power.

MICC was formed to advocate for a mobile Internet ecosystem that is open, free, and fair for all users, providers, aggregators, and developers.

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