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CIO Council, Mobile Computing Decision Framework (May 23, 2013) (full-text).

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The Mobile Computing Decision Framework (MCDF) provides a holistic decision-making process that assists organizations in determining which mobile solution, if any, will support their organizational missions. While completing the four stages of this framework, an organization will:

  • Understand the appropriateness of mobile solutions in the light of its mission and goals;
  • Reach a suitable balance between capabilities, security, and economics in order to identify risks;
  • Assign each risk to one of the seven risk categories[1] to determine residual risks and how the organization will address them; and
  • Be able to evaluate and compare vendor solutions with respect to the organization's needs and select the best-fit solution.


The MCDF process can be customized by each organization to meet its unique needs and processes and to work within established Federal guidance and risk management frameworks.

References Edit

  1. The seven risk categories are those developed by the Mobile Technology Tiger Team formed by the Federal CIO Council.