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Milstar (Military Strategic and Tactical Relay) is

a joint service satellite communications system that provides secure, jam resistant, worldwide communications to meet essential wartime requirements for high priority military users. The multi-satellite constellation will link command authorities with a wide variety of resources, including ships, submarines, aircraft and ground stations.[1]

Overview Edit

Milstar provides the President, Secretary of Defense and the U.S. Armed Forces with assured, survivable satellite communications with low probability of interception and detection. Designed to overcome enemy jamming and nuclear effects, Milstar is the most robust and reliable SATCOM system currently employed by the Department of Defense.

"Milstar is designed to support strategic and tactical missions through secure global communications that are jam-resistant and survivable with LPI and LPD. Milstar supports both single channel and multi-channel communications with low data rates from 75 bits per second (bps) up to 2.4 kilobits per second (kbps) (Milstar-I) and medium data rates up to 1.544 megabits per second (Milstar-II). Crosslinks between the satellites permit worldwide communications without the use of ground stations. Use of extremely high frequency (EHF) provides for narrow antenna beams for LPD and antijam capability. Additionally, EHF frequencies provide wide bandwidths for nuclear effects mitigation, as well as antijam capability. Both wide and narrow spot beam satellite antennas provide appropriate power levels for a variety of user terminals. The Milstar is the core DOD C2 communications system for U.S. strategic and tactical combat forces in hostile environments. Additionally, small-scale EHF payloads are hosted on some fleet satellite and ultrahigh frequency follow-on (UFO) satellites to provide a contingency/surge capability for strategic and/or tactical users."[2]

References Edit

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