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Definition Edit

Military intelligence (MILINT or MI) is information that is collected, analyzed, disseminated, and possibly acted upon by Department of Defense entities (including the Armed Forces intelligence elements, the Unified Commands, the combat support agencies of the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Security Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, as well as the Defense Intelligence Agency) and is related to another foreign power's capabilities to attack U.S. national interests militarily.

Overview Edit

Military intelligence focuses primarily on hostile entities, weapons systems, warfare capabilities, and order of battle.

Military intelligence appears in three basic forms: strategic intelligence, operational intelligence, and tactical intelligence.

Source Edit

  • Office of Counterintelligence (DXC), Defense CI & HUMINT Center, Defense Intelligence Agency, "Terms and Definitions of Interest for DoD Counterintelligence Professional," at GL-116 (May 2, 2011) (full-text).

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