A microblog is a type of blog where users post extremely short messages in the vein of text messaging. The messages can either be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group that is chosen by the user.

Overview Edit

Microblogging is more than just random "short bursts of text," it is better characterized as short conversations where a user listens to and shares ideas. Once a user gets going with a set of people he/she follows and people who follow the user, it is a never-ending conversation one can join when he/she want. The people the user talks to can serve as a filter for the torrent of information online, providing links to check out, sharing new ways of thinking, and offering responses to questions.

The best use for microblogging is to engage a community in a public forum. Some sites even let users reply to posts. A user can also guide readers to one's content by including hashtags (also known as "microblogging funnels").

Microblogging sites often work well on cell phones and other mobile devices, making it easy for a user to deliver content that people would want on the road without building a site specifically for mobile devices.

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