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Michigan Children's Protection Registry Act, Mich. Comp. L. 752.1061 (July 21, 2004) (full-text).

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The legislation is virtually identical to the Utah Child Protection Registry Act, in that it establishes a registry of child contact points[1] and prohibits the sending of a message to a contact point contained on the registry "if the primary purpose of the message is to, directly or indirectly, advertise or otherwise link to a message that advertises a product or service that a minor is prohibited by law from purchasing, viewing, possessing, participating in, or otherwise receiving." The Michigan Act does not contain the "harmful to minors" language of the Utah statute, however.

Implementing regulations have been adopted by the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth.

The Act provides for the operator of the registry to charge a fee not exceeding 3 cents per contact point checked against the registry, with 85% of the fee going to the operator of the registry, and 15% of the fee going to the state.

References Edit

  1. "Contact points" include e-mail addresses, fax numbers, mobile phone numbers (SMS), and instant messenger IDs.

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