Definitions Edit

Cloud computing Edit

A metric is

a defined measurement method and measurement scale, which is used in relation to a quantitative service level objective.[1]

Data transmission Edit

A metric is

[a] quality of service delivery parameter such as delay, packet loss, data rates, and availability.[2]

General Edit

A metric is an algorithm or specific procedure whereby the outcome is used as a measure or measurement. It is a means of measuring and predicting aspects of processes, resources, and products that are relevant to the business activity.

A metric is "two or more measurements compared with a baseline."[3]

Metrics are

[t]ools designed to facilitate decisionmaking and improve performance and accountability through collection, analysis, and reporting of relevant performance-related data.[4]
[u]sed to facilitate decision making and improve performance and accountability."[5]

Network technology Edit

On a computer network, a metric consists of any value used by routing algorithms to determine the best route among multiple routes to a destination.

Overview Edit

IT security metrics must be based on IT security performance goals and objectives. IT security performance goals state the desired results of a system security program implementation. IT security performance objectives enable accomplishment of goals by identifying practices defined by security policies and procedures that direct consistent implementation of security controls across the organization. IT security metrics monitor the accomplishment of the goals and objectives by quantifying the level of implementation of the security controls and the effectiveness and efficiency of the controls, analyzing the adequacy of security activities and identifying possible improvement actions.

References Edit

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Source Edit

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