Overview Edit

The MetaArchive Cooperative is an international preservation network comprised of research institutions. Established in 2004 through the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) of the Library of Congress, the MetaArchive model focuses on sharing responsibility, sharing expertise, and sharing cyberinfrastructure to enable libraries, archives, centers, and museums to accomplish their preservation goals as a distributed community. MetaArchive members bring their collective strength to bear on the preservation challenge, not by outsourcing or centralizing operations, but rather by building knowledge and infrastructure in local institutional environments.

The technologies are open source, and the curation and preservation services ensure the long-term accessibility of authentic content. Together, the membership preserves a broad range of digital assets, including ETDs, newspapers, journals, and archival holdings (including video, audio, image, and other media types), as well as digital creations from the digital humanities, social sciences, and sciences (such as datasets, databases, portals, and other resources).

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