Overview Edit

Founded in 2005, the Meridian Conference and Process aims to exchange ideas and initiate actions for government-to-government cooperation on critical information infrastructure protection issues globally. An annual conference and interim activities are held each year to help build trust and establish relationships within the membership to facilitate sharing of experiences and good practices on critical information infrastructure protection from around the world.

Participation in the Meridian Process is open to all countries and aimed at senior government policy-makers. DHS’s National Protection and Programs Directorate’s Office of Cyber Security and Communication hosted the 2009 Meridian Conference, which brought together more than 100 participants from 40 countries. The conference allowed participants to explore the benefits of and opportunities for cooperation between governments and share best practices. Key U.S. cybersecurity leaders from DHS and the White House engaged with conference delegates and shared views on U.S. cybersecurity priorities. The Meridian Process also seeks to advance collaborative efforts on specific topics such as control systems security.

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