Citation Edit

European Security Research Advisory Board, Meeting the Challenge: The European Security Research Agenda (Sept. 2006) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This report represents the successful implementation of a recommendation to bring together at European level the "demand" and "supply" sides in order to jointly define commonly agreed strategic lines of action for European security research. The report demonstrates both the value and feasibility of such an approach.

The report provides a strategic framework to structure the research content covering both technological and non-technological aspects. The report identifies and prioritises only those capabilities, integrated projects and demonstration programmes which offer a high potential to deliver European added value.

The report recommends that multidisciplinary, mission-oriented research should be undertaken covering capability development, system development and systems of systems demonstration. Technology development should include new and emerging technologies to address security-specific breakthrough technologies. As a matter of principle, it should combine end-users and suppliers in project definition and execution. The programme should be SME inclusive but not SME driven.

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