Overview Edit

The Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) is the Marine Corps' network‐of‐networks and approved interconnected network segments. It comprises people, processes, logical and physical infrastructure, architecture, topology and Cyberspace Operations. The MCEN is characterized at a minimum to include Programs of Record that provide network services to forward deployed forces operating in the namespace and in USMC routable IP addresses; and Operations and Maintenance functions that provision data transportation, enterprise IT, network services, and boundary defense.

The MCEN's physical infrastructure is analogous to the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), and the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC), as it enables the Marine Corps Information Technology Environment (MCITE) and the flow of data, information, and knowledge across the Marine Corps Information Environment (MCIE). The MCEN interfaces with external networks to provide information and resource sharing, as well as access to external services.

Source Edit

  • "Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN)" (full-text).

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