Overview Edit

The Marine Air-Ground Intelligence System (also Marine Corp Air-Ground Intelligence System) (MAGIS) has the capability to collect, process, analyze, fuse, and disseminate information derived from all MAGTF intelligence disciplines (imagery intelligence, signals intelligence and human source intelligence), as well as joint theater and national systems. MAGIS connects intelligence professionals to multi-discipline data sources, analytic assessments, and collection assets. It also links them to MAGTF and joint command-and-control systems.

Specifically designed to support Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare, it provides Marine commanders with the all-source, fused intelligence necessary to make informed decisions in combat rapidly and effectively.

As a family of intelligence systems, MAGIS is scalable and expeditionary. It can support the different sizes, missions, and unique requirements of various MAGTFs. While providing direct connectivity and spanning national, theater and tactical levels, MAGIS directly ties into a broad range of air, sea and land collection and processing platforms and provides the information infrastructure for all-source intelligence fusion.

The emerging MAGIS architecture meets the requirements of threshold Distributed Common Ground Systems (DCGS), as outlined in Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (ASD/C3I) DCGS Draft Capstone Requirements Document. The system will continue to support MAGTFs called upon to respond to the full spectrum of crises and conflicts.

Source Edit

  • U.S. Marine Corp., "Marine Corps Air-Ground Intelligence System (MAGIS)" (full-text).

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