Definitions Edit

Autonomous vehicles Edit

A manufacturer is

a manufacturer of autonomous technology as defined in [California] Vehicle Code section 38750(a)(5) and includes a vehicle manufacturer as defined in [California] Vehicle Code section 672 that produces an autonomous vehicle from raw materials or new basic components; and, a person as defined in [California] Vehicle Code section 470 who modifies any vehicle by installing autonomous technology.[1]
[a]n individual or company that manufactures automated vehicles or equipment for testing and deployment on public roadways. Manufacturers include [original equipment manufacturer]]s (OEMs), multiple and final stage manufacturers, alterers (individuals or companies making changes to a completed vehicle prior to first retail sale or deployment), and modifiers (individuals or companies making changes to existing vehicles after first retail sale or deployment).[2]

U.S. copyright law Edit

A manufacturer is "a person who manufactures.”[3]


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