Citation Edit

General Accounting Office, Management and Use of the Air Force's CREATE Time-sharing Computer (Mar. 3, 1977) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The U.S. Air Force's CREATE time-sharing computer provides responsible computational support to sevetal audiences, but several of the management practices deviate from established policies and regulations.

Although the approved use of CREATE is limited to technical applications, GAO's survey showed that 13 of 16 approved service requests did not fully meet this workload criterion. Requests that did not meet the criterion that all projects be cost effective have also been approved. Management controls exist to limit CREATE's use and to remind users that it is an expensive resource, but they have, at times, been ignored. The user group of user and management representatives has not met regularly, thereby eliminating an important communication link. Scheduled improvements include obtaining a new communication processor for CREATE, but management improvements may obviate the need for additional equipment.

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