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The purpose of the MPSC Smart Grid Collaborative is to engage representatives from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) staff, electricity transmission representatives and utility companies to develop a strategic plan to guide Smart Grid deployment. It is important to create a framework for increasing the predictability of recovering Smart Grid expenditures in rate cases and enhance the financial transparency of appropriate and reasonable investments made in electric Smart Grid infrastructure. Input from consumers, environmental groups, the business community and other stakeholders are welcome at the quarterly General Collaborative meetings as well as through staff contact.

The MPSC commenced the Collaborative on April 24, 2007, by its order in Case No. U-15278.[1] This order directed MPSC staff to convene a statewide collaborative on smart grid infrastructure with the goal of improving the state's electric grid. The primary focus of the Collaborative was to review national smart grid infrastructure development, determine cost-effectiveness and practicality and establish evaluation criteria and standards, thus triggering pilot programs or broader deployment in Michigan. The Collaborative was instructed to focus on making the grid flexible and efficient, enabling distributed technologies, and preserving reliability.

On March 11, 2008, the Commission expanded the directive of the Collaborative to include PEVs pilot projects, specifying additional objectives for the Collaborative to accomplish.[2] In order to facilitate the potentially significant benefits of PEVs by achieving a high market penetration while also retaining the stability of the electric grid, the Collaborative was directed to address the integration of PEVs into the electricity grid.

References Edit

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