Overview Edit

The London Action Plan (LAP) is a global co-operation network of governments and private sector representatives from around the world focused on combating spam and spam-related problems, such as online fraud and deception, phishing, and the dissemination of viruses. The plan was developed by the U.S. FTC and the U.K. OFT in 2004 to curb the activities of international spammers, and includes participants from more than 20 countries, including more than 30 government agencies and 20 private sector representatives.

Key elements of the LAP include designating a point of contact for further enforcement communications, exchanging effective investigative techniques and enforcement strategies, and discussing consumer/business education. In November 2006, in conjunction with the Contact Network of Spam Enforcement Authorities (CNSA), the LAP held a joint workshop on international enforcement co-operation against spam, spyware and other online threats.

In October 2007, the LAP held another joint meeting with the CNSA that also featured joint sessions with the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG).

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