Definition Edit

A Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) (also called cellular television) is a telecommunications service using low-power transmitters, configured in a cellular-like arrangement, to transmit video to receivers in homes and businesses.

Overview Edit

LMDS showed great promise in the late 1990s. It became known as "wireless cable" for its potential to enable competition with the cable television companies for broadband video to the home. The Federal Communications Commission auctioned spectrum for LMDS in 1998 and 1999.

Despite its early potential and the hype that surrounded the technology, LMDS was slow to find commercial traction. This is mostly attributable to the telecommunications and technology bubble bursting at the time when LMDS was maturing as a concept and LMDS hardware was just starting to come to market. Many equipment vendors simply abandoned their LMDS product portfolios.

Many industry watchers believe that the window for LMDS has closed, with the technology having been superseded by several market forces and newer technologies.

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