Overview Edit

The Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission was created in March 2012. The Commission's goal is to research the state of technology in American schools and answer two key questions: "Why is the adoption of technology happening so slowly?" and more importantly, "What can we as a country do about it?"

LEAD is proposing a five-point plan with specific actions to accelerate the equitable adoption of digital learning across American schools, in order to improve student outcomes and equip them with 21st century skills. The five-point plan provides:

  1. Solve the infrastructure challenge by upgrading the wiring of our schools.
  2. Build a national effort to deploy devices.
  3. Accelerate the adoption of digital curriculum.
  4. Embrace and encourage model schools.
  5. Invest in human capital.

Source Edit

  • LEAD, "Paving a Path Forward for Digital Learning in the United States" (full-text).

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