Overview Edit

ICE uses the Law Enforcement Analytic Data System (NETLEADS) in the area of criminal investigations. It is a web-enabled intelligence and investigations analysis database repository. NETLEADS tools give users the capability to rapidly search and conduct analysis. It is designed to support agents in identifying criminal activity patterns, trends and associations among criminal organizations. It uses commercial off-the-shelf products to discover relationships within data.

The system consists of fifty million indexed names, intelligence, subject records, investigation reports, and global intelligence information on topics such as smuggling, terrorism, and transnational trends. NETLEADS provides an integrated common interface for querying intelligence and enforcement applications and data.

NETLEADS includes hosted data marts of intelligence and investigative information. The system was built based on proprietary design and uses associations and name matching, and queries data. Investigators and analysts use it for identifying connections between persons of interest or persons under investigation. The users can access multiple government and commercial databases to discover patterns and relationships. Benefits of this system include providing the capability to search multiple databases and assemble information into a common analytical environment.

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