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Definitions Edit

Communications Edit

A label is

information within a message that is used to identify specific system parameters, such as the particular circuit with which the message is associated.[1]

Data Edit

A label is

1. [a]n identifier within or attached to a set of data elements. 2. One or more characters that (a) are within or attached to a set of data elements and (b) represent information about the set, including its identification.[2]

[t]he marking of an item of information to reflect its information category and/or security classification. An internal label reflects the classification and sensitivity of the information within the confines of the medium containing the information. An external label is a visible and readable marking on the outside of the medium (or the cover of the medium) that reflects the category and/or classification of the information within the medium.[3]

Internet Edit

A label is

a string of characters, such as ‘-Ll8’ (for ‘not less than 18 years’) — [embedded] into the address or name of a particular site so as to clearly identify the site as unsuitable for minors.[4]

Programming languages Edit

A label is "an identifier that names a statement."[5]

Security Edit

A label is

[a]n identifier that indicates the sensitivity of the attached information. For classified information, [it is] an identifier that indicates (a) the security level of the attached information or (b) the specific category in which the attached information belongs.[6]
[a] piece of information that represents the security level of an object. Sensitivity labels are used by the TCB as the basis for mandatory access control decisions.[7]

References Edit

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