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The Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) ensures the Department of Defense effectively uses the electromagnetic spectrum in support of national security and military objectives. The center serves as DoD's center of excellence for electromagnetic spectrum management matters in support of the combatant commands, military departments, and DoD agencies in planning, acquisition, training, and operations.

The JSC maintains databases and provides data about friendly force command and control information system locational and technical characteristics. This information is used to plan electronic protection measures. These databases provide electronic warfare planners with information covering communication, radar, navigation, broadcast, identification, and electronic warfare systems operated by the DoD, other government agencies, and private businesses and organizations.

The JSC provides information on a quick-reaction basis in various formats and media to support electronic warfare planners and spectrum managers.

The JSC serves as the center for EMI reporting, analysis, and tracking from the initial report through its resolution. The JSC is tasked to manage the JSIR program and provide interference resolution support to the unified and JTF commanders, as well as to DoD components.[1]

References Edit

  1. Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution (JSIR) Procedures, at A-2.

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