Overview Edit

The Joint Command Information Systems Activity (JCISA) is

a theater-specific communications organization under the operational control (OPCON) of the United Nations Command (UNC), Combined Forces Command, Korea (CFC), and United States Forces, Korea (USFK). JCISA consists of active duty military and mission-essential contractors supporting the armistice and receives OPCON of all communications-computer assets during crisis and hostilities. During armistice and hostilities, the organization is organic to the CFC and USFK (C/J-6) and provides management, policy, plans, engineering, installation, network operations, maintenance, and system administration for Commander UNC/CFC/USFK's primary joint and combined C2 systems. The unit is staffed with personnel from all the U.S. military Services; all the Republic of Korea military Services; and when augmented, is equipped with a wide range of communications equipment and capabilities.[1]

References Edit

  1. Joint Publication 6-0, at II-22.

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