Overview Edit

The JSIR program was established in October 1992 by the DoD to address persistent and recurring EMI problems affecting DoD systems. The JSIR program replaced the DoD Meaconing, Intrusion, [Jamming]], and Interference program that was disestablished on June 30, 1992.

The JSIR program focuses on EMI events and then provides an actionable means to alert the appropriate Combatant command/Services/Agencies (C/S/A) on interference issues. The program is coordinated and managed for the Joint Staff Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4)/Cyber Directorate (J-6) by the JSC, Annapolis, Maryland.

The program itself is centrally managed; however, the execution process is highly decentralized. Each of the DoD components shares responsibility for successful execution of the JSIR program. The objective of the JSIR program is to detect, report, track, archive, analyze, and resolve EMI.

The resolution process for EMI events includes:

a. Detection, verification, characterization, and reporting.
b. Geolocation, analysis, and identification.
c. Resolution, includes development and implementation of corrective courses of action to regain use of the affected spectrum.
d. Tracking the incident to closure, providing status updates, and archiving the incident for future reference.

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