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Overview Edit

The Internet of Things initiative (IoT initiative or IoT-i) is an EU Framework Programme 7 project, started in September 2010. It brings together key actors from all relevant but currently fragmented IoT communities in Europe to work jointly towards a common vision of the Internet of Things.

It represents the first serious attempt in building a unified IoT community in Europe, going across boundaries of disparate technology sectors, in order to create a joint European strategic vision of the Internet of Things and aligning this vision with the current developments on the Future Internet.

IoT-i pursues the achievement of the following strategic objectives:

  • Creating a joint strategic and technical vision for the IoT in Europe that encompasses the currently fragmented sectors of the IoT domain holistically.
  • Contribute to the creation of an economically sustainable and socially acceptable environment in Europe for IoT technologies and respective R&D activities.
  • Creating an environment that favours international adoption of European IoT technology.

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