Definition Edit

The Internet Complaint Search and Investigation System (ICSIS) is a Web-accessible software solution from the Internet Crime Complaint Center accessed via a secure, password-controlled website.

Overview Edit

ICSIS includes a search feature that can explore multiple data streams simultaneously and utilizes “fuzzy logic” to improve compilation analysis. This tool enables users to collate complaints that have identical or nearly identical user-specified parameters, such as the names and addresses of suspects. This application is especially useful in building cases against repeat offenders who alter fragments of their identity information to avoid positive identification by law enforcement.

Third party analytical tools along with import/export features, (i.e., i2 Analyst Notebook® link charts) are integrated into the application to supply visual trends and crime patterns within cases including mapping, statistical, and timeline functions.

Searches and case folders can be seamlessly shared among multiple investigators, a user-defined individual or group such as an investigative task force. ICSIS also facilitates collaboration between investigators honing in on cases that span multiple jurisdictional boundaries. Users may not only search the database for complaints to build their own cases; they may also search case folders created by other users who are interested in similar, if not the same, complaints. Users converging on the same modus operandi may then communicate with each other through the internal messaging service and coordinate efforts to further investigate far-flung criminal enterprises. Such networking and sharing of information across jurisdictions may bring cases into sharper focus and expedite their disposition.

Users can include comments or assign attributes and categories. Other features include receiving notification when new complaints are added that match their criteria, a discussion forum, and user-driven support help and feedback.

Working in concert with the ICSIS system is the Complaint Management System (CMS).

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