Overview Edit

The International e-Development Resource Network (IeDRN) being developed by Team #1 (e-Strategies) of the DOT Force offers a valuable instrument to support the development and ongoing functioning of such a network. While the primary purpose of the IeDRN is to build and sustain policy expertise on a range of domestic issues related to ICTs (e-strategy development, telecom policy, Internet policy, taxation issues, e-commerce, etc.), the Network lends itself well to the inclusion of international governance elements. For instance, the IeDRN can support the development of a network of experts on international governance issues, and stimulate the sharing of information, the development of common positions, the sharing of knowledge and the upgrading of skills. The IeDRN could then facilitate the combination of domestic and international policy expertise required in government administrations as well as in private sector and civil-society organizations involved in ICT for Development.[1]

References Edit

  1. ROADMAP: Global Policymaking for Information and Communications Technologies, at 41.

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