Overview Edit

The International Information Integrity Institute (I-4) is sponsored by AtomicTangerine, a provider of information security consulting services whose clients include major global corporations. I-4 is a forum for sharing information among its member companies on developing and sustaining effective information security programs to support their global business environments.

Its membership is limited to 75 of Business Week's Global 1000 companies. In addition, I-4 maintains alliances with leading research organizations, such as SRI International and Kent Ridge Digital Labs, to stay abreast of the latest technical, communications, legal, and economic developments. AtomicTangerine also maintains a number of alliance partnerships with companies that specialize in various areas of emerging technology and architecture, which help provide information to I-4 members.

I-4 members communicate primarily through forums, regional meetings, and a secure website that allows for member queries and distribution of analytical reports. I-4 forums are held three times a year, allowing representatives from all 75 I-4 member companies an opportunity to establish and maintain personal contacts, make formal presentations with follow-on discussions, and hold informal discussions about information protection and risk-management issues. Each member company is encouraged to send two representatives.

Regional meetings, held five to six times a year, are generally shorter and targeted at members in a specific geographic region, such as the United States, Europe, or Asia. During these meetings, selected topics are discussed in greater depth than at forums. Throughout the year, members continuously carry on dialogs through queries on information security policy, procedure, and technology management issues, moderated by the I-4 staff.

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