Overview Edit

Title 15, U.S. Code, Section 4906(b) provides that:

The International Economic Data System shall include current and historical information determined by the Secretary to be useful (after the consultation required by section 4904 of this title) to policymakers and analysts concerned with international economics and trade and which shall include data compiled or obtained by appropriate executive agencies. Such information shall not identify parties to transactions. Such information may include data for the United States and countries with which the United States has important economic relations including —
(1) data on imports and exports, including —
(A) aggregate import and export data for the United States and for each foreign country;
(B) industry-specific import and export data for each foreign country;
(C) product and service specific import and export data for the United States;
(D) market penetration information; and
(E) foreign destinations for exports of the United States;
(2) data on international service transactions;
(3) information on international capital markets, including —
(A) interest rates; and
(B) average exchange rates;
(4) information on foreign direct investment in the United States economy;
(5) international labor market information, including —
(A) wage rates for major industries;
(B) international unemployment rates; and
(C) trends in international labor productivity;
(6) information on foreign government policies affecting trade, including —
(A) trade barriers; and
(B) export financing policies;
(7) import and export data for the United States on a State-by-State basis aggregated at the product level including —
(A) data concerning the country shipping the import, the State of first destination, and the original part [sic] of entry for imports of goods and, to the extent possible, services; and
(B) data concerning the State of the exporter, the port of departure, and the country of first destination for export of goods and, to the extent possible, services; and
(8) any other economic and trade data collected by the Federal Government that the Secretary determines to be useful in carrying out the purposes of this chapter.

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